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Crape Myrtle Underwriter $1,500

The hard freeze of mid-February 2021 had a devastating impact on the wonderful blooming bottlebrush trees 

Damaged Trees.jpg

With the loss of the trees comes an opportunity for you to dedicate a new crape myrtle tree in memory of a loved one.

​Your gift will underwrite the purchase, planting and maintenance of your crape myrtle.  And, you will be supporting the ongoing maintenance of our historical cemetery. 

crape myrtle marker.jpg

​A granite marker will be securely placed at the base of your crape myrtle with a dedication of up to four lines.

Cemetery Maintenance Fund

Jewish religious customs require that Jewish burial sites be held in reverence.  The religious duty (mitzvah) of burial is the responsibility of a decedent’s children or spouse.  If there are no children or spouse, it is the responsibility of the closest relative.

Burial should take place promptly, preferably on the day of death, but within three days at the most.


Caring for Congregation Beth Jacob Cemetery in Galveston is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  Of paramount importance is the maintenance of the property.  The board also recognizes the importance the cemetery has to the history of the local community but also our ancestor’s struggle to make a home in a new land.


The CBJ Cemetery Maintenance Fund support the efforts of the Cemetery Board to:

· Maintain the cemetery’s infrastructure including:

· driveways, sidewalks, curbing, fencing, gates, water lines and landscape.

· Research and maintain contact information that will enable the board to:

· Provide news and information regarding the cemetery

· Contact decedents when grave and/or headstone restoration or repair is needed.

· Fund the restoration of graves and or headstones:

· When family support is not available.

· If the family cannot afford to fund the work

· Recognize individuals and families that provide funding and memorialize family members


Current Projects


· Complete current list of headstones needing work

· Identify, contact and provide information to decedents  egarding work needed

· Facilitate contact between decedents and repair provider

· Repair Curbing Sections and reset family plot plaques.


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