From frozen bottlebrush to hardy and colorful crape myrtles

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Underwrite a Crape Myrtle
In Memory of a Loved One

The hard freeze of mid-February 2021 had a devastating impact on the wonderful blooming bottlebrush trees scattered about the cemetery.  With the loss of the trees comes an opportunity for you to dedicate a new crape myrtle tree in memory of a loved one and in honor of the High Holidays.

Your gift of $1,800 will buy, plan and maintain your crape myrtle as it grows and brings color to the cemetery.

Please Note: 

  • Your crape myrtle will be planted with utmost care and will be watered and nurtured during its first year.  Once established the Cemetery does not guarantee the plant.

  • A plaque recognizing the donor and the memory of loved ones will be placed at the base of the plant.

  • Donors will be asked to state a color preference.  Donor preferences will be honored based on availability of plants at the time of purchase.

  • Planting is scheduled for late winter/early spring 2022.

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CBJ Cemetery Maintenance Fund

Make a Gift in Memory of a Loved One

The CBJ Cemetery Fund support the efforts of the Cemetery Board to maintain the cemetery’s infrastructure including driveways, sidewalks, curbing, fencing, gates, water lines and landscape. This spring we completed the restoration on the front fence and gate.


If a headstone restoration or repair is needed and we cannot find a descendent to fund the work, we offer others the opportunity to perform a mitzvah by supporting the restoration of these headstones. We also have several graves without headstones.  The Maintenance Fund also purchases a headstone for those who have no family.