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Thank You
CBJ Cemetery Donors

We extend our heartfelt thank you to all of those who responded to our appeals for support.


Listed below are all who have made gifts to the CBJ Cemetery. 

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One of the most common Jewish cemetery customs is to leave a small stone at the grave of a loved one after saying Kaddish or visiting. Its origins are rooted in ancient times. Throughout the centuries, the tradition of leaving a stone has become part of the act of remembrance.


The origin of this custom began long ago, when the deceased was not placed in a casket, but rather the body was prepared, washed, and wrapped in a burial shroud. A male was also wrapped in his tallis. Then the body would be placed in the ground, covered with dirt and then large stones would be placed atop the grave site, preventing wild animals from digging up the remains.

Over time, individuals would go back to the grave site and continue to place stones, ensuring the security of the site and as a way to build up the “memory” of the loved one.  As time passed and carved monuments became the preferred memorial, the custom of leaving a visitation stone became a symbolic gesture, a way for the visitor to say to the loved one, I REMEMBER YOU.

Prayer Rock Monument Underwriters


Bert Feinman

In Memory of

David R. Feinman

May & Ben Feinman

Joan Rosenbaum

In Memory of

Sara & Isaac Zinn


Leah & Irving Peterman

Ed & Laura Schreiber

In Memory of

Our Parents

Harry and Ray Schreiber

Carolyn & Harry Rosenthal Rosalyn & Barry Margolis

In Memory of Our

Pransky & Baum

Loved Ones

Thanks to those whose gifts help maintain the Cemetery 

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